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And thus it begins…

It’s coming up on 10 years since I first saw the documentary “The Long Way Round”, with Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor.  Since then the idea of adventure motorcycle travel has been growing inside me.  You see, traveling is my biggest passion in life.  Having been a 10 year vintage Harley rider, the realization that my 1973 Harley FLH would never get me to some of the places I imagined traveling was pretty obvious.  Made even more obvious one year when I blew the motor up doing a lap of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.  Since then, every time I’m out riding I keep looking down those dirt roads wondering what I’m missing out on… or worse, take the old Harley down one of them only to discover the big mistake that was to the suspension, the paint, or just about anything else that could rattle loose…

So, I made the decision to buy an adventure dual sport bike.

Seeing an ad on Kijiji, before I knew it, I was out test riding a big GS bike in the cold of November, with the roads sketchy at best.  I’ll be honest, I know nothing about these bikes, and haven’t really done much research on them, but they do seem to be the way to go.  So I bought it!


Now I can hardly wait until the snow melts so that I can go riding on it…. The dilemma of all Northern Riders… what to do to during the winter?

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