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Winter Blues (or in the Red)

So winter is full effect, and the Toronto Motorcycle Show is coming up.  It’s time for me to get my research done and go pick up a myriad of new motorcycle gear, equipment, and parts that I’ve never heard of or had a use for in the past.

I know I’ll need new riding gear.  The jeans, T-shirt, and beanie helmet I’m used to on my Harley just won’t cut it for offroad adventures (and I’m sure the BMW crowd will stick their noses up unless I at least have something reflective in the way of clothing – I refuse to go full on Hi-Vis Yellows or Oranges though!)

I’m quite frankly stunned at the costs of adventure gear.  I pick up a Scott Dual Raid Jacket and Pants at the show for $600, and am really impressed with all the pockets and functionality.  It’s inline with a lot of the travel gear that I backpack with.  Then another $120 for gloves… $120!!!  Us Harley guys have been getting away with $5 imported leather “fruit roll ups” that barely cover our palms, let alone fingers for years!  I guess all our money goes into Chrome instead.  I can hardly wait to see what a helmet is going cost me?!?!?

This Dual Sport thing is sure to put my spending into the red…

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