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Seasonal Itching, and it’s not allergies

Spring is in full bloom!  The birds are singing, the butterflies are fluttering, and the gardens are bursting with colour.  Everything is coming to life after a long slumber that is Canada’s winters.  Everything, that is, except my new BMW GS bike…

As a Landscape Designer, and the owner of Peace, Love, and Landscaping, spring is my chaotic time of year.  Clients to see, designs to draw, new employees to train, and lots of projects to build.  We are go, go, go usually until mid-June.  Maybe by then I can get the bike safetied and on the road?

In the meantime, though, I did answer a question from my previous post.  That new helmet cost me $600 (Shark Evoline 3 Series Modular).  Good thing I have an income again now that my landscaping season is here!

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