Anticipation leads to dissappointment

Today I finally have a moment to breath.  That means it’s time to get the bike into a motorcycle shop for a safety certificate, and to have a few things fixed.

Over the winter I discovered that the battery is very weak, and can’t for the life of me discover how to get to the battery.  More research needed.  Compared to my old Harley, this BMW is like the space shuttle!

I also know the bike needs new tires, and changing all the fluids seems like a good idea as well.

While at the Toronto Motorcycle Show I discovered that there is a motorcycle shop less than 5 minutes from my home in Stoney Creek that specializes in adventure bikes (Dualsport Plus).  Now all I have to do is get the bike to them, but with the dead battery I can’t get the engine to turn over enough to start the bike.  There does seem to be just enough power to get the fuel pump cycling, so bump starting it *should* work.

Reluctantly, my wife comes outside to give me a hand.  She is not a motorcyclist, and we quickly discover that the seat height on the big GS far surpasses her confidence or comfort level to be the bump start rider.  So, she’s the pusher, and I’m the rider.

We try a few times in our gravel driveway, but can’t seem to get enough traction to get the rear tire to turn over the engine.  Next step, let’s try the road in front of our home.

Now, I weigh about 225lbs, and the bike is around 600lbs.  My wife, well, I won’t put her weight here, but let’s just say I’d be willing to bet all the camping and travel gear that will end up on this bike for our big trip will far outweigh her!  So, with her pushing the 800+ pounds of bike on the road, we never seem to get enough speed to really turn the bike over, and she’s getting more frustrated by the moment.

Last attempt.  There is a hill near our house.  We push the bike (with a few curse words for encouragement) up the hill and turn it around.  I know we’ll only get one shot at this, because “there is no way in hell we’re pushing that bike back up that hill!” (her words, not mine!).

Off we go, down the hill.  Rebecca pushing as hard as she can, and trying to run as quickly as she can, while I sit comfortably on the seat, clutch in, bike in 2nd gear.  I realize that we now have enough speed that she can no longer keep up with the bike.  It’s now or never.  I let out the clutch.  The rear tire spins and skids, spins and skids.  Nothing.  The damn thing won’t start.  Rebecca is too out of breath to tell me what she really thinks of the situation.  So, before she can catch her breath I figure I should get the bike back in the garage and call a tow company.

Guess I won’t be riding today…

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