Towing the line

As the owner of a few vehicles I carry the largest, most robust package that CAA (AAA’s Canadian equivalent) offers.  I give them a call to see about getting a flat deck to haul the bike the short 5 minute drive down to the local motorcycle shop.  When asked what the problem is, rather then tell them the batter is dead, I stupidly tell them that I need to get it down to the shop for a safety inspection.  They immediately ask if the bike is plated.  Of course not, I say.  That’s why I need the safety cert, so I can get it plated.

That’s when I find out that CAA will not tow an unlicensed vehicle.  When I get off the phone I debate whether or not I should put a plate off one of my other bikes on it, and call back in to CAA hoping to get a different operator.

Instead, I call a local towing service that lists in their add experience with motorcycles.  $125 later I’m introducing myself to the staff at Dualsport Plus.

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