Time to get SMART

I’m back in the saddle again!

My shoulder is feeling better.  I’m not 100%, but the itch to ride is stronger than the pain.

I have found out about an offroad training school held at Horseshoe Resort just north of Barrie, ON.

I head up in the morning, making sure to check that the brakes work long before going into the right hand switchback on McNeilly Hill that hurt so much the last time I tried it.

Two hours later I pull into what looks like a small gravel pit off the side of the road in ski country.  This is the home of the SMART (Snowmobile, Motorcycle, ATV Rider Training) and CMTS (Canadian Motorcycle Training Services), run by Clinton Smoot.

Since it’s been years since I have ridden in the dirt, I opt to start the day on one of their Yamaha TTR125s, and see about getting my big GS out later after lunch.

I can’t say enough about the way they teach.  Each step is built from the ground up, and based on the past skill taught.  By the end of the morning I’m feeling much more confident on the dirt and sand, but not quite ready to put the big bike through the trails.  I opt instead to move up to a Yamaha TTR230 for the afternoon and continue to build on the skills from the morning.

I’ll be back for sure, and next time I’ll get my big bike out on those amazing woodland trails.

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