Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure Rally – Friday Night

I have found out about another adventure motorcycle event happening in Ontario, and this one is to be based in Campbellville, which is less than 45 minutes from my place in Stoney Creek.

I’m not sure what to expect from the event as I’m still a total noobie on my bike, and have yet to ride it off road.  I’m sure I’m going to look like a complete idiot to some of these seasoned veterans.  In the time since my last post I’ve been networking with other adventure riders as much as possible, trying to learn as much as I can from them, while trying to look like I have at least a little bit of a clue myself.

I’ve discovered a local online adventure riding community, and some of them are going to be at this Rally.  The staff at Dualsport Plus have also been very patient with all my questions (I’m sure partly because they know how much money I’m going to have to spend to get into this style of riding!).


So, with trepidation I arrive at the Mohawk Inn parking lot in Campbellville.  Registration is quick and easy, and I head in to grab a bite to eat before the food is all gone.  During dinner I end up seated at a picnic table with none other than Simon Pavey.  Simon was the instructor that taught Ewan McGregor to ride offroad prior to their big Long Way Round journey that inspired me to get into this in the first place.  He’s in town for the rally from Wales, and will be guest speaking on the Saturday night about his Dakar Rally experiences.  But none of that matters, as I can’t believe that I’m actually sitting across from him chatting!


Later in the evening I meet up with Nico from the ADVplus Meetup group, and as things wind down we ride back to Burlington (where he’s staying for the night) together.  Nico is pretty new to all this as well.  Noobies unite!

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