Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure – Sunday School!

So, last night I got a chance to hear Simon Pavey talk about what’s involved in competing in the most dangerous adventure race in the world, the Dakar Rally.  Following that Rene Cormier did his presentation on life on the road.  He spent 5 years traveling around the world on his motorcycle, for an average of only $29 a day!  I bought his travel book, the University of Gravel Roads, and it’s sure be a great source of inspiration as I prepare for my trip next year to Central America.

Simon had offered last night to conduct an impromptu workshop this morning for anyone still hanging out at the rally.  I think he figured a few people might show up.  Well, I think over 80 people came out!


Simon Pavey

Simon taught us to find the balance point of our big bikes to the point that you could hold the bike upright with only 2 fingers while you walk around it.  He also had us doing clutch control drills by walking beside the bike under power, from both sides (one side is much easier than the other!), and finally closed with some slow race competitions.  I didn’t do so well, but learned a ton.  And the best part was that Simon was without a bike to use for demonstrations, so he ended up using my old GS for most of them!

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