Back to the Horseshoe

I had so much fun at the Overland Adventure Rally.  I decided to head back up to Clinton’s CMTS school for more training, and this time to get the Big GS out on some of the trails to expand on what I learned on the Overland.

This time Rebecca is coming with me and this will be her first time EVER riding a motorcycle!

When we arrive, though, we find out that Clinton has had some health issues, and he is the only GS instructor at the school, so I won’t be able to get my GS out on the trails after all.  🙂

I decide I’ll get some more practice on the smaller trail bikes.  We get all geared up, and before I know it Rebecca is riding!  I’m so proud to see her give it a try, and from the smile on her face she seems to be having a ball doing it.

I spend the morning practicing hill climbs and descents, and then take off with an instructor to tear up some of the single track trails.  Later we meet back up with Rebecca’s group at the “Track” and I do a few laps to get my bike airborne while practicing some trail braking techniques in the corners.

On the drive back home I joke with Rebecca that maybe we should get some trail bikes, and to my surprise she says we just might.

All in all an awesome day!

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