Heading to the Catskills for some skills

I’ve always hoped to able to attend the BMW Offroad Performance Riding School, but seeing as it’s located in    it always seemed a bit far to make happen.  Then I found out that Max BMW of New England will be hosting the BMW school at Hunter Mountain Ski Resort in the Catskill Mountains.  Now, that’s only about 8 hours away.  So I signed right up.

I also mentioned it to a few other riders, and Syl Marleau (rep for Klim and Powerlet) also signed up.  We were going to ride down together, but I wasn’t able to leave until the day before the program, and Syl wanted to break the ride up over 2 days.  Plus, I was going to take a scenic ride down via the Finger Lakes, taking about 12 hours total riding time.  We agreed to meet at the school instead.

The ride down started of cold and rainy.  But lunch it was cold and rainy.  In the afternoon the sun came out for about 30 minutes, and then it got cold and rainy again.

I couldn’t  wear my Sidi Adventure Goretex boots.  I still don’t have the Touratech Gear Shirt Adjust Lever on the bike.  The Sidi’s make my foot too big to fit under the stock shifter, so I have to kind of grab it with the side of my foot.  This leads to a lot of missed shifts – not something I can afford to do on the training course.

That leaves me wearing my old Tank Commander boots, which are now also cold and rainy.  However, the ride is gorgeous, and it’s so nice not to be out on the Interstates.

I arrive that evening at the Kaatskill Lodge and get checked in… but not before checking out all the big GS bikes in the parking lot.  Looks like tomorrow is going to be a blast!


IMGP2583 IMGP2582 IMG_1079IMGP2585

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