Pain in the rear

I’ve been noticing lately that the bike seems to have a rhythmic, pulsating throttle issue, especially around town in 3rd gear.  It almost feels like the rear caliber is dragging, and it even does this when I’m off the power coming to a gentle stop.

I drop in on Rick at Dualsport Plus to ask him to have a look at it.

He informs me of the news I wasn’t looking for.  The brake is indeed rubbing slightly, but that is due to some pretty significant play in the Final Drive Bearing.  Worse still is that this isn’t something that he can fix here as the only thing that BMW provides is a completely new Final Drive.  Both Rick and I know of a guy (Bruno) in northern Ontario that does BMW rear end rebuilds.  Guess we’ll be tearing the bike apart and shipping the rear end up north.

What a pain in the rear!

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One thought on “Pain in the rear

  1. Sir Ron Newman L.O.L

    I just heard about this a couple of days ago from Kyle.
    I wish you & Rebecca all the best on your quest and be safe and come back home. Look forward to seeing & hearing about your adventures in the spring. Take care of each other and be safe.

    Sir Ron Newman L.O.L

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