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Day Two – Lost and Found

My morning started with taking my bike for a long walk up to the road from the hotel.  I didn’t want to risk dumping the bike in the snowy/icy parking lot – I’ll save dumping the bike for later in the day (lol).  Not nearly as cold as the day before, but still sub-zero weather.


Snow and sleet covered windscreen

Just after Columbus, Ohio the snow flurries start.  The roads get really wet and slippery, but nothing is accumulating, so I decide to soldier on.  45 minutes later I’m forced to pull off because I can no longer see through my windscreen.  Slush is piling up on it, and my visor is fogging if I don’t keep it cracked open a touch.

At a gas station to fill up I’m debating waiting the storm out, or pressing on through.  If I can get further south it should be smooth riding, and the longer I sit here eating my gas station breakfast sandwich, the more chance there is that the roads will get worse. 

I swallow a few last bites, grab a few extra napkins to wipe my visor en-route, and head back out.

An hour later the roads are dry and the sun is out.  I’m finally able to turn my heated clothing down a notch or two.  But, somewhere along the way I’ve lost my MP3 Player which was velcro taped to my tank bag.  Guess I’ll need to get a new one… bluetooth compatible this time!

So, that’s the lost… what did I find.  I found that I’m smiling a lot while riding.  Although I don’t really consider the ride ‘started’ until I’m in Mexico, I keep catching myself smiling as I ride along.  I think the cost of the lost MP3 player is a mere pittance compared to the investment I’ve made in my soul.

850 km covered today, and I only pulled off because I didn’t want to overnight in Memphis.

Tomorrow morning I’ll ride in to have breakfast with Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.  Sun Studio, here I come!

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Day One – Cold, but safe


Testing the heated gear, and ONLY the heated gear… brrrr…


Pulling out!

Well, I really wanted to be heading out on Tuesday, but the weather; rather the road conditions, wouldn’t allow for it.  Probably for the better as I needed the extra time to get ready.  Even with 2 extra days it was still a mad rush to get things ready.  This morning I was soldering connections for my heated gear.

Rebecca and I didn’t get out of the house until noon.  She followed me down our local country roads, and down McNeilly hill, which is treacherous even in good weather.  The bike slid around a few times in the drifting snow, but we arrived at Memphis Fire BBQ without incident.  To say we made a stir at the restaurant would be an understatement!


10 year dream, 6 month plan, Day One!

My original plan was to have breakfast at Memphis Fire, and then dinner IN Memphis, Tennessee.  But, I didn’t get to the Buffalo border until 2:30, and by 6pm it was getting too dark to see ice patches on the road.

I pulled off just outside of Cleveland for fuel and the attendant hooked me up with a great rate at a hotel run by a friend 15 miles further down the interstate…. he failed to mention that their parking lot hadn’t be salted or plowed all winter.

I gingerly made my way across their parking lot, realized I was at the wrong end to get to the lobby, and then promptly dumped the bike trying to turn around on the ice/snow.  A trucker who was staying there helped me get the bike back up, and I decided to walk the bike to the lobby under power, rather than trying to ride it.


Snowy parking lot at the hotel

Safe and sound, Day One.  I can’t believe I’m finally doing this!  It’s been 10 years in the making, and 6 months in the planning!

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BMW MOA Local #298

This past weekend at the Toronto Motorcycle Show we met Daryl Cainey.  While grabbing a bite to eat I noticed a gentleman sitting across from us with a BMW ON (Owner News) shirt on.  I struck up a conversation with him and quickly discovered that not only was he a writer for the magazine (I’d read a few of his articles), and was a BMW MOA ambassador, but he was also the President of the Niagara BMW Riders club – the closest BMW club to our home in Stoney Creek!

He invited us out to their monthly meeting, held every 2nd Sunday at the Maple Leaf Pancake House in Smithville, less than 10 minutes from our house!

So, today we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast amongst fellow BMW owners, and even ran into a few familiar faces there, including Bob Sutton whom I had purchased my bike from just over a year ago!

I’m sure we’ll be dropping in for breakfast a few more mornings with that group.

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