Day One – Cold, but safe


Testing the heated gear, and ONLY the heated gear… brrrr…


Pulling out!

Well, I really wanted to be heading out on Tuesday, but the weather; rather the road conditions, wouldn’t allow for it.  Probably for the better as I needed the extra time to get ready.  Even with 2 extra days it was still a mad rush to get things ready.  This morning I was soldering connections for my heated gear.

Rebecca and I didn’t get out of the house until noon.  She followed me down our local country roads, and down McNeilly hill, which is treacherous even in good weather.  The bike slid around a few times in the drifting snow, but we arrived at Memphis Fire BBQ without incident.  To say we made a stir at the restaurant would be an understatement!


10 year dream, 6 month plan, Day One!

My original plan was to have breakfast at Memphis Fire, and then dinner IN Memphis, Tennessee.  But, I didn’t get to the Buffalo border until 2:30, and by 6pm it was getting too dark to see ice patches on the road.

I pulled off just outside of Cleveland for fuel and the attendant hooked me up with a great rate at a hotel run by a friend 15 miles further down the interstate…. he failed to mention that their parking lot hadn’t be salted or plowed all winter.

I gingerly made my way across their parking lot, realized I was at the wrong end to get to the lobby, and then promptly dumped the bike trying to turn around on the ice/snow.  A trucker who was staying there helped me get the bike back up, and I decided to walk the bike to the lobby under power, rather than trying to ride it.


Snowy parking lot at the hotel

Safe and sound, Day One.  I can’t believe I’m finally doing this!  It’s been 10 years in the making, and 6 months in the planning!

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One thought on “Day One – Cold, but safe

  1. Rebecca

    Missing you already, but having seen you navigate the treacherous roads by our place I know you will be safe.

    Just a little further to the good weather!

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