Day Two – Lost and Found

My morning started with taking my bike for a long walk up to the road from the hotel.  I didn’t want to risk dumping the bike in the snowy/icy parking lot – I’ll save dumping the bike for later in the day (lol).  Not nearly as cold as the day before, but still sub-zero weather.


Snow and sleet covered windscreen

Just after Columbus, Ohio the snow flurries start.  The roads get really wet and slippery, but nothing is accumulating, so I decide to soldier on.  45 minutes later I’m forced to pull off because I can no longer see through my windscreen.  Slush is piling up on it, and my visor is fogging if I don’t keep it cracked open a touch.

At a gas station to fill up I’m debating waiting the storm out, or pressing on through.  If I can get further south it should be smooth riding, and the longer I sit here eating my gas station breakfast sandwich, the more chance there is that the roads will get worse. 

I swallow a few last bites, grab a few extra napkins to wipe my visor en-route, and head back out.

An hour later the roads are dry and the sun is out.  I’m finally able to turn my heated clothing down a notch or two.  But, somewhere along the way I’ve lost my MP3 Player which was velcro taped to my tank bag.  Guess I’ll need to get a new one… bluetooth compatible this time!

So, that’s the lost… what did I find.  I found that I’m smiling a lot while riding.  Although I don’t really consider the ride ‘started’ until I’m in Mexico, I keep catching myself smiling as I ride along.  I think the cost of the lost MP3 player is a mere pittance compared to the investment I’ve made in my soul.

850 km covered today, and I only pulled off because I didn’t want to overnight in Memphis.

Tomorrow morning I’ll ride in to have breakfast with Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.  Sun Studio, here I come!

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