I’m all Shook Up… uh-huh…

So, I got a late start today.  The weather was beautiful when I got up, so I decided to take some time to work on a few minor issues with the bike… mainly ergonomic.

Played with the windshield angle as the top of it was right in my field of view.  Figured out a better way to strap the first aid kit.  Adjusted the tire pressures (still need to work on the rear – it’s getting too hot/building too much pressure… gonna bump it up more to stiffen the tire so it’ll run cooler).  Angled some of the electronics, got my dash camera going, tethered my microphone so if it falls off I won’t lose it (like my MP3 player! And, oddly enough, an hour into today’s ride the tether caught the mic as it fell off!).


1 Hour traffic jam

With a nasty hotel continental breakfast (cinnamon buns and a danish) I’m off to Memphis.

Then the traffic jam… an hour long, 10 feet at a time.

Great practice for my slow riding skills, especially with the bike loaded.

I didn’t pull into Memphis until 1pm (the plan was for 10am!), and Memphis is rather underwhelming.

Pretty run down.  But, there it was in front of me.  The mecca of Rock and Roll.  Sun Studio!


The Birthplace of Rock N Roll

Sam Phillips recorded Elvis, BB King, Howlin’ Wolf, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis here, exposing the Rock N Roll sound to the world.  The tour of the studio, still all original, and still in use today, was amazing.  They even still use the original Shure 55 mic that was used to record all the classics we know and love.


Sam Phillips capturing Rock N Roll


The Million Dollar Quartet
Elvis, Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash, recording together


Sun Studio control room



With Cash, Jerry, and Orbison in my head, I slip down the highway into the windy plains if Arkansas… wide open… the plains, and the bike!  Dallas, TX here I come,

At first it sprinkles… then it rains.  I stop for fuel and to gear up better for the rain.  It’s dusk going into dark.  I jump back out on the interstate only

to discover that I can’t see ANYTHING.  My windscreen and visor are coated, so I pull open my visor.  Before long I can’t see through my glasses.

At 70mph I remove my glasses, and the rain pelts my exposed cheeks and eyes.  I put the

hazard flashers on, stand up on the pegs to better see the lines on the road, and pray for an exit soon.  2 miles down the road I manage to pul

l off onto a ramp I can’t even see.  There in the distance is a Super 8, and in it I now sit, drying my clothes, eaten chinese delivery, and writing this.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow in

Dallas… same forecast as Hamilton, ON.  I’m going to head to Houston instead at first light and try to beat the snow storm.  If it works, I’ll be in Mexico Monday morning.


Stuck in a hotel, waiting for morning light

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5 thoughts on “I’m all Shook Up… uh-huh…

  1. Chris.

    Just heard about your ride. Sounds like a ball. There are some of us have thought about doing that trip. Maybe you have paved the way for us. Sorry to here about the weather, should be all down hill from there. Have a good safe ride.

  2. Sir Ron Newman L.O.L

    Sounds like an interesting so far,Doris is concerned about Mexico when you arrive there. Stay well & safe watch your back in Mexico.
    All the best Dude & Dudette Newman

  3. Rebecca

    You’ve almost made it to Mexico!! Just a bit further….

  4. Russ Commons

    Wolfe ,nothing else matters as long as that smile is still on your face . You know you are headed for better weather in days to come. Wish your dad and I where riding by your side ,it’s going to be anawsome ride.

  5. Dad

    Sounds like a great day until the rains came. I will let you know what I can do with an address in Arizona. If not rent a security box.

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