Spent the morning making the last bit of ground to the border.  Visited the post office to send all my heated gear over to Arizona for my return trip in March to make some room in the panniers, and stopped in at Sanburn’s to get Mexican insurance for the bike.

Then, I took a big breath and headed for the border.  I arrived at around 1pm, and was worried that if it took a long time I wouldn’t have much daylight left to get away from the border town.  EVERYONE seems to say get the hell south a few hours, don’t stop for anything, not even gas, and DO NOT drive at night.  Now I’m worried I might be setting myself up for all of the above.

At the border I’m the only person needing paperwork.  I can certainly see how, with line ups, this would be a frustratingly long process. 

1. Present your Passport.  Fill out a Tourist Card. Get it and passport stamped

2. Next window, pay for Tourist Card

3. Return to original window with receipt.

4. Get photocopies of vehicle ownership, driver’s license, and tourist card

5. Pay for this at pay window from before.

6. Present receipt for copies

7. Take copies to customs window

8. Pay for Temporary Vehicle Import Document and Pay a Vehicle Deposit (which is refunded when the vehicle exits the country)

9. Put everything in a safe place and head back out to vehicle for inspection.

The only issue I had was that I planned to get the maximum 6 month Tourist Card, but they would only issue a 30 day as I’m not returning via the same border.  30 days is just enough, but I had to work it out to make sure Rebecca and I will be in Belize before my card expires.

Then, it’s down the highway I go… and go is the key.  I still don’t understand the posted speed limits.  The open highway is 100kmp, but there are sections that suddenly drop to 60.  Nobody seems to care about these lower speed areas, and, in fact, 130-140 seems to be the norm.  So, my 3 hour run to Ciudad Victoria only took 2 hours, and I arrived just as the sun was setting.

Checked myself into the Ramada, with a pool, nice rooms, and underground parking for the bike.  I’ll splurge tonight as I’m hoping to camp tomorrow night somewhere near the Cave of the Swallows in Xilitla.

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9 thoughts on “Rapido!

  1. I once drove a motorcycle across India and now enjoy adventures like this vicariously (more safely) through others. I hope your trip is much less stressful and full of much more affordable bribes than mine was. Tip: Now that you’re south of the US on motorcycle, you’ll be meeting (if you choose to stop) many more authority figures. Learn how to ask “Is there a fine I can pay immediately?” There is ALWAYS a fine you can pay immediately.

  2. mark

    hey it looks like you are making good time we met you in the log cabin cafe in tennessee its a little warmer now i hope im on my way home to california now best of luck and have fun

  3. Kyle

    Sounds like you’re going well so far.

    Chris and Kenia are proof there are still good people in the world. Hopefully you’ll run into many more along the way.

    Good luck and stay safe!


  4. Chris and Kenia Hernandez "The mexican family at crackel barrel"

    Doing ok so far in xilitla ?
    We r following you…. Since you havent post any comments yet being in mexico kinda gives a little worriness … Be safe
    God bless you .
    Saludos !
    Chris, Kenia ..

  5. Catherine

    Congratulations! I hope the rest of the trip goes well. So jealous of you Wolfe!

  6. Rebecca

    I am so glad the border crossing went smoothly. Hopefully it is smooth sailing here on out 🙂

  7. Dad

    Hey did they say how long for the stuff to get to Arizona? I’
    ll give the office a call. Did well so far enjoy the sunshine tomorrow.

    • Should be there by Wednesday. Thanks for setting that up. Now I have to visit you on the way home! 🙂

      • Dad

        That’s great. Can’t wait to see you in Arizona. Hopefully we can a least a day together.

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