Toughest ride of my life (so far)

So, it was cold when I left Canada, but it’s supposed to be warm down here.  I hit the road this morning at 2 degrees Celsius, and raining.  The rest of the day was much the same.  Once your gear gets wet, it doesn’t matter how good your heated vest and pants are!  I don’t think I’ve ever been this cold on a bike before…

And, the visibility was little to zero.  At times I could barely see the taillights of the car in front of me, much less the lines on the road or debris.  I know at one point I hit something that bounced the bike up pretty good, but I never saw it.

By midday I’m alternating between cold wet pairs of gloves.  I didn’t take any pictures today because the riding required 110% concentration, and although I’m sure Arkansas and Texas are beautiful, I didn’t see anything except a blurry view of the 10′ in front the bike all day.

Houston, in a downpour, with 6 lanes of fast moving traffic, could be a new videogame concept!

I stopped there for the REI Store to get a few pieces of gear I couldn’t get in Canada at MEC, and the counter staff looked up the weather to see if I could still ride to Corpus Christi as it was getting dark.  I didn’t want a repeat of last night.  Clear skies ahead, but cold.

What I hadn’t anticipated were the 50-60mph cross winds.  So, I took a break to warm up and have a fireside dinner at Cracker Barrel.  A mexican family asked me about the bike and my trip, and thought I was crazy!  I joked with them about “Lobo Loco” which they found funny.  After dinner I poke my head in at their table to give them some Canada pins and Lobo Loco stickers.  The husband snatched my dinner bill and said, “We’ve got this covered for you.  Be safe out there tonight.” 

I was stunned.  How incredibly generous! 

That single action warmed my heart up enough to keep me going another hour and a half in those blistering cross winds to land myself spitting distance from Corpus Christi.  Mexico in the morning…

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8 thoughts on “Toughest ride of my life (so far)

  1. Mark Fisher

    This is good stuff Wolfe, look forward to your posts manana. Godspeed my friend

  2. Bart Dickerson

    I met you at a gas station a few hours outside memphis.i was the guy from michigan asking about your bike. Enjoy your trip and be safe.i will keep checking your progress.ride on loboloco!

  3. Chris and Kenia Hernandez "The mexican family at crackel barrel"

    Hi there Wolfe we “The Mexican Family”( richmond tx) were so excited to see your page and learn a bit more about this particular mission !
    Notice the comment about my husband Chris and the “bill” lol!!!
    That sunday 2/02/14 we had a long day at work (we both are Tailors) finishing up my best friend’s wedding dress Alteration and take it back to our home town Monterrey Mx. (Only Eder and Soledad going back to mty. ) Chris though on wrapping up the day having dinner at crackle barrel close to that warm fireplace and that delicious meatloaf which you also order that night!! Omg it was an honor for us meeting you .
    Enough said , god bless you and keep your self warm were needed on the road!
    And on your way back to Canada if passing thru Houston please, please , send us an email we wish to see you again. !
    Sincerely Chris , Kenia , Isabella Hernandez.

    • Hi Chris, Kenia, and Isabella.

      Again, thank you so much for your generous offer to cover my dinner bill. It did indeed keep my warm and inspired for the next couple of hours down the road. I’m in Victoria, MX tonight, and heading to Xilitla in the morning.

      If you’d like to follow my trip, on the main page (, in the bottom right corner should be a little icon “FOLLOW”. If you do that you’ll get an email whenever I update the site with pictures or stories.

      And if you and your family ever get up to Ontario, Canada, you’ve got a dinner on me!



      • mark

        hey there looks like you are making great time on your trip i wish you luck and have a great ride this is mark from california we met you at the log cabin cafe in tennessee

      • Great to hear from you. I actually grabbed one of my travel blog business cards from my hotel room and went back to the restaurant, but you had already left. Keep in touch!

  4. Rebecca

    Good luck with the boarder crossing today sweetie!

  5. Sir Ron Newman L.O.L

    Just thought I would let you know if no one else has that 2 out of 3 of the gopher’s said this past weekend 6 more weeks of winter. So I hope the weather improves for you the farther you go. Doris & I are ridin with you and were thinking about you. Be safe and ride on Dude. The Dialysis Dude & Dudette

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