Day Six – Wow!

Today was really the first day of the trip for me, now that I’m in Mexico.  And what a day it was.  Absolutely awesome!  Strange to go directly from one of the worst riding days of my life to one of the best…


View from my chique room at the Ramada in Ciudad Victoria, MX

The day started off with an incredible shower at the Ramada.  Talk about a high pressure rain head.  I could’ve stood under that thing all morning.  Then I grabbed a nice breakfast down the road of scrambled eggs with chorizo, refried beans, salsa, and guacamole served with warm, soft tortillas.


One of many stunning views along the way

Then I hit the road, and was out of the city within a few minutes, climbing into some incredible roads.  This puts the Forks of the Credit, and maybe even the Tail of Dragon to shame.  Third gear switchbacks through mountain passes, 150 Kmph long stretches on the plains in between, all with gorgeous scenery.  I crossed the Tropic of Cancer during this ride, and eventually found signs for Sotanos de la Gordinarias; the Cave of the Swallows.


Crossing the Tropic of Cancer


The ride up to the parking area is challenging to say the least.  I’m not sure if I took a wrong turn at one point or not, but I ended up on a muddy, washed out 2 track dirt road for several kilometers, some of which really tested my off-roading skills.  Thankfully I had taken that BMW Off-road course this summer because a couple of mud crossings made me consider turning back, and then I just had to remember all the skills I was taught, and push on.

At the top of some incredibly tight, winding, steep brick roads (1st and 2nd gear only!) I finally arrive at the parking area for the Cave of the Swallows.  For those that don’t know, this is the deepest sinkhole in the world at over 1000’ deep.  There is an entire eco system at the bottom that is almost like an alien world.  The sides of the cave are inhabited by 1000s of swallows that rise out of the hole every morning and return dramatically every evening.


Looking down the Cave of Swallows (Sotanos de los Golandrinas)

I haven’t seen the exodus, but the return is stunning… shocking actually.  The birds circle briefly overhead, then dive bomb down into the cave at incredible speeds.  The sound as they pass by you is like a jet.  It’s otherworldly.  And it goes on for about an hour.

I came here to check one of my Wonders of Nature off my list (the deepest hole in the earth), but discovered a 2nd Natural Wonder in the swallows.  A magical evening, capped off with my tent tucked nicely under a car porch of one of the locals will I type this Blog without wifi or internet.  I’ll post it when I can.


Stopped at a military checkpoint


The military that are supposed to hassle foreigners had some fun and gave me his gun!

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One thought on “Day Six – Wow!

  1. Chris and Kenia Hernandez "The mexican family at crackel barrel"

    Awesome!!! Glad to hear that things are going smooth and
    Weather not as bad as when you pass thru Houston !!! Lol!
    Where ever you spend the most time in Mexico don’t forget to stop to any ” mercado ” and get artisan stuff and food ! But make sure the area looks Clean and safe ..
    Regards to you from all of us ..

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