Day 8 – Tail of the Dragon is more like Tail of the Gecko

I woke up this morning to sounds of the jungle.  Birds, howler monkeys, and many things I couldn’t tell you what they were.  A wonderful misty morning in the jungle.  The night before I had found a wonderful Panaderia in town so breakfast was some left over pastries and breads.


Breakfast with the sounds of the Jungle

Gear packed I set out into the drizzly, foggy mountain roads, debating on putting my rain gear on or not.  Fifteen minutes into the ride my answer is obvious as I break through the clouds and am riding some of the best twisty mountain roads I’ve ever seen!  The pavement is smooth, and the bike spends more time leaning than straight.


Misty mountain roads outside Xihitla

The next couple of hours are spend up and down mountains with ever changing scenery.  I go from jungle to evergreen forests and eventually to hot, dry desert mountains like most people imagine Mexico to be.


Gotta love when the Garmin can’t make sense of the switchbacks!


Looking back at some switchbacks


Stopped to take a pic and in the valley below were hundreds of bright green parrots flying in flocks

This continues for almost 5 straight hours!  Yes, 5 hours of downshifting into corners, monster acceleration out of the corners, and setting up for the next apex.  At one point I’m actually in tears the roads and scenery is so awesome.  EVERY motorcycle enthusiast needs to ride from Xihitla to Ezequiel Montes once in their lifetime… maybe twice.  I know I’ll be back to do it again sometime.

(BTW, the title reference is making fun of the legendary motorcycle road in Tennessee.


Nearing the end of the Day
Desert Mountain Roads


Found the town of El Lobo (The Wolf)
Didn’t stay at the hotel, but had lunch


Lunch in El Lobo
Stewed Pork, Beans, Rice, Tortillas, and hot Cocoa

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2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Tail of the Dragon is more like Tail of the Gecko

  1. mark

    hope the charging system is not giving up (stater or alternator ) thats what happened to my valkyrie last year not very fun

  2. Dad

    Glad to hear all is ok with the bike have a great day.
    Dad. Keep an eye on the battery terminals to make sure they are tight.

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