Day 13 – Out with the Boys

I’ve been looking forward to meeting the rest of the local BMW pack.

Juan Luis meets me at the hotel, and we head to his friend Paco’s house. Paco is an architect, who rides a lot of motorcycles all over the world, and sometimes designs a building or two.  He designed his house, and there are 2 rooms set aside as the clubhouse.  I’ve never seen this much BMW memorabilia from so many different countries!  You don’t know where to look first.

Well, yes you do.  The focal point is an old BMW GS that is painted in camouflage, and has been retired from service to now be a stand for a glass bar top!


The Old GS Bar Top

The guys all welcome me, and have tons of questions.  It’s hard to keep up.  They are all serious riders, and many of them have done some great adventures themselves.  Most speak English, some better than me, and the night rolls on with shop talk, road stories, and future ride plans. Two of the guys run the Mexican equivalent of BMW MOA Magazine.  3 others are involved in a TV Series production called Rodando Mexico, which promotes riding adventures to other countries.  They show me the Baha episode.  It’s amazingly well produced; maybe even better than the Long Way Round.


All the boys

As the evening wraps up I’m invited to sign the wall, along side all the other signatures adorning the clubhouse.  We all trade stickers and business cards.


My signature on the wall


Lobo Loco sticker amongst a few others

Then, the highlight of the evening comes when Paco invites me to come back to Mexico to be in one of the next series of Rotundo Mexico! They offer to fly me in, lend me a bike, and go for a weeks ride somewhere in Mexico.

Finally, a few of us opt to continue the conversation with a late dinner at a fancy restaurant (Sobrino’s, owned by the same people as Padrinos’).


They brought out a stand for our helmets at the restaurant!


Paco on his Jaguar Painted GS

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3 thoughts on “Day 13 – Out with the Boys

  1. Dad

    Way too cool.. you have made some good contacts for life. Dad

  2. Sandy Gray

    Steve & I are following your adventure… ……. love to do that too but we ‘realistically’ know that we are ‘too old’ to do a trip such as yours! We will live vicariously thru you! Safe travels!
    Sandy G

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