Day 10 – Flight of the Monarchs

The bike is working great again and I’m off to Angangueo, Zitacuaro, and Valle De Bravo to see the migration winter home for the Monarch Butterflies.

With a wonderful breakfast in my belly from Cinthia I quickly stop by El Charco to give the gardens a donation for all the help they gave me, and I head out of San Miguel de Allende.

This is wide open roads, well over 130kmph the whole way, until I see 2 stickered up adventure bikes parked at a roadside cantina.  I haul on the brakes and swing the bike around.  This is the first chance I’ll have to meet other moto-travelers on the trip.  As I pull to a stop and put the kickstand down, I step off the bike as it digs into the soft gravel, and down it goes.  The 2 travelers quickly jump up and help lift the bike back up.  Quite the introduction!

Jo and Nico are from Germany, heading north from Costa Rica.  They do a 3 month trip each year, and have been doing so for 20 years!  We chat for awhile, trade route information and road stories, and part ways.  Such is the life of a traveler.


Jo and Nico from Germany

A few hours later I’m climbing a brick and rubble roadway high up into the mountains to see the Monarchs. At the end of the road is a small parking lot, and from there you can hire a horse to ride up to where the monarchs are, or walk.  It’s a 2 km rough staircase and hiking trail.  I opt to walk since I’ve been sitting all day.  Next time, I’ll take a horse, thank you.

Tired, out of breath, and sweaty, I reach the top.  Millions of monarchs cluster in the pine trees, covering them so thickly you can’t see branches!  And, when the sun comes out, there are so many flying around you can actually hear them.  This is yet another wonder of nature I’ve had the opportunity to experience here in Mexico.


Pines covered with 1000s of Monarch Butterflies


It’s getting close to sunset, and I have yet to find a place for the night.  I had noticed some dirt roads leading off the mountain brick road, and I walk a few on my way down the mountain to see if I can find a campsite.  I eventually find one that I can ride down and get out of view for the night.  As I zip the tent closed for my first night of solo guerrilla camping the temperature drops dramatically.  I miss Rebecca a lot, but tonight I could use both her company and her body heat!


Mountain Camping

In the morning, with my breath visible in the air, I make myself a wonderful breakfast of fresh eggs bought from a local the day before, some left over bread from Xihitla, and a banana.

This is adventure travel in Mexico!


Simple and Delicious camp breakfast

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2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Flight of the Monarchs

  1. Rebecca

    I miss you and your body heat too. LOL.

  2. Sir Ron Newman L.O.L

    I can only imagine seeing all those Monarchs(these would be Butterflies I assume) I’m sure it was definitely something to see. I’ve been out of breath just reading about your adventure let alone doing it.It’s a beautiful day here in Oakville at a sweltering 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Doris & I are so glad you are doing so well and having a good time. Again be safe and may our thoughts & prayers ride with you. Ron & Doris/The Dialysis Dude & Dudette

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