Day 17 – The Road Warrior

The big goal today is to make it to my friend Alicia’s house in Merida.  It’s almost 800 kilometers away, so I’m up early and down the road.  As I pass through Paraiso I wish I had more time.  I looks like a quiet little beach town.  I do stop for lunch, though, at La Posta on recommendations from someone in the Mexio City BMW club.  What a great place!  A wonderful salad buffet with too many offerings,  Soups, breads, and lots of fresh seafood,  Then comes the tableside offerings of 17 different meats.  I tried 3 different styles of chicken, a bacon wrapped filet mignon, and some excellent salted roast beef. I wish I was feeling 100% because there was so much more I would have liked to have tried.  All that, with a waterfront view, for less than $25.


Seaside Restaurant (La Posta)


Amazing Seaside buffet lunch


My first Iguana sighting!

But time is getting tight and I don’t want to drive into Merida at night, so back to blasting some more miles.

Not long into the ride my GPS flashes and I’m getting a low rear tire pressure warning.  I switch the screen to see the situation and tire that is supposed to be at 50psi is at 32.  Then 30.  Then 28,  I have a rapid leak, and I’m at 140kmph.  My new Garmin 390LM just saved my life,  I drop down to 80 kmph and start looking for somewhere to pull off.  There is a little pueblo coming up.  22lbs.  I’m off the highway 18 lbs… and in every little pueblo there always seems to be a vulcanizadora; tire mechanic,  And there’s his shop.  15 lbs.  Phew!

I know the routine at this point.  We remove the rear wheel and he finds a puncture, but no nail or screw.  It’s patched, and back on the bike in less than 40 minutes.  Some of his friends drop by to check out the bike, and we all have a few laughs about my trip so far.  Before long his younger sister is posing on the bike, and he’s suggesting that she’s really pretty, and should take her back to Canada with me.  I smile, agree she’s adorable, but that I need to pick my wife up in 2 days in Cancun, and there isn’t enough room for both of them on the bike.  We all laugh, and I’m back on the highway.


2nd Flat Tire!


The Tire Mechanic`s sister posing on the bike

Now the highway is paralleling the ocean, and flocks of pelicans are flying in formations along side me.  Every now and then an entire formation dives one at a time into the ocean, getting dinner.  Very cool.  Soon the sun sets in reds and yellows over the ocean in my rearview mirrors, and although I’m concerned about riding at night, I’ve already passed Campeche, and Merida is the next big city.  I’ll be there in less than 2 hours, and the highway has been smooth so far.

Before long I’m graced with a huge full moon in front of me, and my PIAA driving lights are keeping the road illuminated quite well.   Next thing I know I’m in front of Alicia’s house.  Mission accomplished.

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