Day 20 – Sticky Hot Tulum

Last night we had a nice meal back up the road from our campsite.  The PIAA driving lights made the run back and forth in the dark seem almost like daytime, and even made the potholes show up better than during the ride in early that day.


Our beach in the morning

We wake up early to the sounds of the ocean and birds, and slowly pack up the tent.  The Overlanders are up as well, and we meet both couples.  One if from the Netherlands, and the other from Switzerland.  They have been on the road for several years, and the couple from Switzerland built their overland truck themselves after buying a decommissioned army truck frame and engine.  Rebecca is blown away by the idea of living in a self contained 4 wheel drive vehicle, that can drive 2000 km on a tank of fuel, generate it’s own power, purify it’s own water, and contain enough food for a week at a time.  We agree that later in life, this will be our lifestyle.  No schedule, no set plan, just an idea to see the entire planet, one country at a time, until we bore of that place and decide to roam somewhere else.


This looks like the way to travel in retirement!


Ton and Anneke’s home built Overlander


The places they’ve been

But enough dreaming, we need to get on the road to inland Mexico.  Today is “Ruins Day”; to show Rebecca some of the amazing Mayan sites that I had to cut out of my itinerary due to lost days earlier.  On the way out of Tulum we see a big BMW GS parked next to a restaurant on the side of the road.  I pull over, figuring this will be a great spot for breakfast, and to meet the other traveller.  It turns out that he and his friend are from Mexico.  As he is checking out my bike I show him the Mexico City BMW club sticker.  He laughs and says he knows them well.  I ask about Paco, and he laughs again.  Paco is just up the road, and coming down for breakfast!

A few minutes later up rolls a big GS in a jaguar print paint scheme.  I don’t know who is more surprised to see who, Paco, or me!  We chat for a bit, and then he and his group are off to the north to go to some islands.  Sometimes it amazes me how small the world is.  The fact that I can make a friend in a city almost 1000 km away, and then run into him almost 2 weeks later, is stunning!


Paco and the Jaguar bike

With smiles and full bellies, we head up the road to check out Tulum; famous as the only Mayan ruins site that overlooks the ocean.  Once there we realise this is overrun with tourists, and the heat is almost unbearable.  We do a quick lap of the place, take a few pictures, but overall we’re not very impressed.  The ruins aren’t much to see, and if it wasn’t for the ocean, they’d probably have been left hidden in the jungle, only seen by archaeologists.  The highlight of the whole thing were the coconut popsicles we found from a vender at the exit.


Riding along the ocean


Tulum chaos

So, next we make our way inland towards Kohunlich.  We have been told that just before the ruins is a really nice hotel.  As we get close we see the place and pull in to see about a room.  The price is $10500 pesos per night… only $1000/night USD; not really within our budget, but I’m sure as my friends in Mexico City said, it is nice.

The hotel is nice enough to recommend a place back down the road we had come that is only 300 pesos per night.  Now we’re talking!

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One thought on “Day 20 – Sticky Hot Tulum

  1. Sir Ron Newman L.O.L

    I wonder if your Dad could get one of those in a 5th Wheel style.Interesting Hmm…..

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