Day 25 – Daytona or Bust!

We get off to a late start, and miss the Medicinal Trail Hike (we don’t think it actually went, and we hadn’t pre-booked it), but we do catch a tour of the Chaa Creek Butterfly Exhibit.  It was very informational, but they only have one species of butterfly (Blue Morphos), so overall it was a bit underwhelming compared to visiting Butterfly Glass houses in Ontario.

The next goal is to find somewhere to watch the Daytona 500.  I haven’t missed this race since I was 8 years old, and just because I’m in Belize doesn’t mean this will break a 32 year tradition.  The resort doesn’t have a TV, so I try to get a live stream on my laptop.  For the first hour of the broadcast I’m constantly kicked off live streams, the signal fails, or the stream gets shutdown.  I can’t even find a legit stream to purchase like I did when I was in Japan a few years ago for the race.

Then the race gets rain delayed (not that I found that out from the broadcast streams, but from reading twitter posts!)  Frustrated, we decide to pack the bike and head off to our next accommodations, and perhaps see if we can find a TV at one of the bars in downtown San Ignacio.  We’re told only one bar has a big screen.  When we get there an ex-pat is watching the Olympics, and doesn’t seem interested in changing channels.  On a commercial he quickly confirms that the race is still rain delayed.

So, off to the Parrot’s Nest we go.  This little gem has cozy treehouses built in the jungle.  It’s my favourite of the 3 places in San Ignacio we’ve stayed so far.  We visit a local ex-pat bar in Bullet Tree that has a TV, but the race is still delayed.  After chatting with the locals for a bit it’s back to the Parrot’s Nest for dinner and bed.  32 years of tradition broken.  I read the race results the next morning online.


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One thought on “Day 25 – Daytona or Bust!

  1. Kyle Newman

    Dont feel so bad. Dad was near a perfectly good TV and still missed it due to the lack of details during the rain delay.

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