Day 31 – Rough Waters

Today is going to be our 3rd Scuba adventure.  We meet up with our dive masters and discover that we’re the only divers today, and it’s a really small boat.  Rebecca is a bit worried about the waves and her stomach, especially after the captain says it was a bit rough out there coming in from the cayes to get us.

We head out, and before long we’re into some pretty intense swells.  Eventually the captain makes the decision that it’s getting to rough, and is worried that conditions could worsen during the dive, and that the ride back in might be dangerous.  We divert to a closer island for some snorkelling instead.  Even this is challenging as the waves are more than a meter, and we get tossed around pretty good.  I’m a little disappointed in our guides, who just let us do our thing, and safety doesn’t seem to be a big concern.  However, we do see some great fish, a barracuda in the distance, and have a simple lunch on another nearby island that acts as the ranger station for the area.  At least they didn’t charge us full price (less than half actually).

Back at the cottage we grab another afternoon siesta to avoid the heat, and then grab another dinner at Asha’s.  I have a barracuda steak that is amazing, and Rebecca goes for some lionfish.


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