Day 33 – Mechanic Needed – Apply Within

We managed to get in touch with Anthony, the BMW mechanic, last night.  We arranged to meet him this morning at his place in Maya Beach.  Anthony meets us at his gate, and inside are a couple of nice bikes.  We set out together to start assessing the problem.  I’m hoping that we can just synch the throttle bodies and the idle/4K RPM will settle down.  10 minutes later, and no dice.  We try a few other things (spark plugs, Motronic reset, etc…, but it is appearing that the TPS (Throttle Position Switch) is not functioning.  On Anthony’s computer the bike doesn’t come off Idle Mode, and the throttle position doesn’t read any changes under throttle.  Worse, when we unplug the TPS, nothing on the computer changes.  This really leads us to think that the TPS took the brunt of the impact that knocked the Throttle Body off the engine.

That’s a $250 part, not available here in Belize… and not available in Mexico.  It needs to be shipped from Germany, and could take up to 30 days!  A bit more digging and we find one in Guatemala City.  Anthony has been trying to arrange importing parts from there for a couple of months, and now the timeline has been moved up.  Through broken Spanish, and a few of his friends at the airfield/customs we think we have the part on the way from Guatemala City to Belize City.  I’ll need to go up to Belize City to receive it.  That’s only 2 hours north of here, so I’m sure the bike can make it (fingers crossed).

While at Anthony’s we get an oil change in and fix the bike’s broken beak.

It’s getting late in the afternoon, and we need to catch the last ferry off the mainland for 5pm in Belize City.  We head off from Anthony’s, with a recommendation for a great restaurant on the way.  Just outside of town we make the decision to turn back.  We may not make that ferry, and don’t want to spend the night in Belize City.  Instead, we grab lunch at the Maya Beach Hotel, and the owner offers us a great rate for a room there.  We can’t say no.

Note:  Rebecca had a meal called “The Banana Boat”.  It was a French loaf, stuffed with shrimp, bananas, salsa, and melted cheese.  An odd combination, but amazing!  We’ll be making these when we get home.


Rebecca’s Banana Boat sandwich


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2 thoughts on “Day 33 – Mechanic Needed – Apply Within

  1. brucejanisse

    Thank God you are both O.K.
    I hope the parts arrive in short order and you can continue without further incident.
    I will be praying for both of you and can’t wait to hear you have made it back home safely!
    You and your dad seam to have a thing about bikes and thighs.
    (If you don’t already know, ask him about his trip with Heather, Mary and me to Pennsylvania, and the SLOW ride across the brige into Buffalo.)

  2. Rob Mendonca

    Hey bud, if you need me to send you any parts or something from here, let me know.

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