Day 34 – Belize or Bust

Up early this morning for a wonderful beachfront breakfast, and then off to Belize City. The only hang-up… the bike won’t start. The starter is seizing up again like it did in San Miguel de Allende. I’m quite familiar with the process now of removing the starter, lubricating the parts, and reinstalling it. We just need a battery boost to get it going.

The owners of the hotel have cables, so they get us going once my work is done. They also call Anthony over just in case it’s more than just the starter. We still don’t have word from Guatemala if the parts have been shipped, but all we can do is head up there, go over to Caye Caulker for some snorkelling, and enjoy ourselves while waiting.

With the bike running, we’re off to Belize City… running late now, so it’s going to be a scramble to make the last ferry to the islands. I do everything I can to pass cars and trucks on the highway, never quite sure if I’ll have power when I crack the throttle to pass. Sometimes the engine bogs down and we have to pull back behind the slow vehicle until I can get the engine to settle back down. That, and having no windshield, makes for a long, tiring ride for both of us.

We get into Belize City and find our hotel (Villa Boscardi) with less than an hour before the final ferry. A local was nice enough to escort us to the hotel because we weren’t sure exactly where it was, and didn’t have time to get lost.  Francoise, owner of the hotel, greets us and gets us set up with a place to keep the bike and our gear while we head to the islands. We’ll actually be staying with her tomorrow night, but she has allowed us to keep everything safe here until we get back from the islands. She also calls a cab right away. With less than 20 minutes before the ferry leaves we’re ready to go, have packed out of the bike for the islands, and head off in the taxi.

We frantically buy our tickets, and in less than 5 minutes we’re on the ferry. That’s cutting it close!

Caye Caulker is a pretty laid back island, with only dirt roads, and the odd rented golf cart. It’s small enough that you can walk everywhere. After checking into our hotel we find a cool restaurant up the road where the menu is presented on a table in front of the dining area. The catch of the day is literally lying there, and you decide what you would like, how big you’d like it, and how you’d like it cooked. Pretty cool. We go for snapper and grouper, and with a couple of drinks, and a walk up and down the main drag, call it a night.


The “Menu” at Rose’s Bar and Grill


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One thought on “Day 34 – Belize or Bust

  1. Ron Newman/The Dialysis Dude

    Just wondering how is Rebecca and your leg.

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