Day 37 (end of day) – A Moment of Terror in the Jungle

Finishing up at Tikal, I get the biked fired up.  It’s running rough again, and I pull out of Tikal’s parking area.  2 or 3 kilometers down the reserve road the engine sputters again.  I gingerly work the throttle to find a sweet spot, but it dies.  I start the bike up a few times, but can’t seem to keep it running.  This isn’t the best spot to break down.  There is nothing for 30 kilometers, and on both sides of me is dense jungle.  I realize that each time I crank the engine my battery is getting weaker, and that eventually I won’t be able to turn it over.

That’s when my heart skips a beat.  Movement up ahead catches my eye.  I look up as a jet black jaguar saunters out of the jungle less than 50’ from me and wanders across the road eyeing me.  I swear I can see it licking its lips.  My desperation to get the bike running goes up a notch or two.  Camping here tonight may no longer be an option!

With only a few cranks left in the battery the engine catches, sputters, and finally settles into a low idle.  I gentle manage to get more and more throttle without it stalling.  At 5000 rpm I slip the clutch and get the hell down the road, anxious to put a few kilometers between myself and the jaguar if the engine dies again.

I spend the next 2 hours listening to every subtle change the engine makes, and before long I pull into Santa Elena, the mainland town that leads to the causeway and island of Flores.  This is a modern city, with shopping malls, chain restaurants, and people driving nice cars.  Other than Mexico City, I have not seen this anywhere else in Mexico or Belize.  I later learn that a lot of European tourists frequent Flores, and this injection of foreign money has built this modern mecca.

I ride across the causeway and stop at the first nice looking hotel I see.  The room is decent, with a great view of the lake, and parking in the lobby for the bike.  I like Flores already.


Flores, Guatemala


View from my balcony


Hotel pool with swim up bar

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3 thoughts on “Day 37 (end of day) – A Moment of Terror in the Jungle

  1. brucejanisse

    Wolf, you have to tell us the rest of the story. What happened to you after day 37? Did you recover from your fall? What about the bike parts? How was the rest of the ride home? I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  2. Ron Newman/The Dialysis Dude

    This is the Dude, dude I received an e-email on Saturday the 29th from your Pop’s saying you are home. Was that scheduled or did you have to bail out early due to the mishaps prior to getting to Flores
    Anyway hope you are feeling better and if you’re not I’m sure Rebecca can make the hurt go away. Talk to when I see you and watch for the CHCH commercial about Mohawk College as you are the new face for Mohawk good candidate if I do say so myself.

  3. Ron Newman/The Dialysis Dude

    This is starting to look like the the lemons are turning into nice tasting lemonade again for you. Drink some big glasses and enjoy although I guess your bigger problem is not solved yet. But at least you are somewhere comfortable and take the worry mine & yours down a level.This is going to work out for you I feel confident what else do you need L.O.L I know Thanks Ron just thinking positive it works for me most of the time. Be safe and keep rollin Dude
    Ron & Doris Newman/The Dialysis Dude & Dudette
    Mark it on your calendar/blackberry, September 20th, Bronte Provincial Park,4th annual Kidney Walk
    Check us on Face book & at
    I believe I can Achieve I Did and We Will and We did 2011,12,13 and we will do again in 2014
    Going for $100,000.00 dollars this year and I Believe We can Achieve
    I`ll be there Will you

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