NOW List

Phil Koeghan (host of the TV show “The Amazing Race”) wrote a book called “No Opportunity Wasted“.  This is a great book for creating your bucket list, and actually starting to accomplish it.

Below is my NOW (No Opportunity Wasted) List.  The book divides your list into 8 categories, and encourages you to find a balance between the categories.

By sharing my list with the world it helps me commit to actually completing it, and there is an off chance that someone out there reading it will want help make something happen, join me in making something happen, or in some way positively influence it happening.

Facing Fears

  • x Open Ocean Kayaking
  • o Swim with Sharks
  • Get Laser Eye Surgery
  • Go Sky Diving over a dramatic scenery

Getting Away from it All

  • o Motorcycle Around the World
  • Visit Samoa
  • Take a Year Off to Travel
  • Hike the Length of Hadrian’s Wall
  • Mountain Bike the Great Wall of China
  • Backpack through East Europe
  • Fly in Outerspace

Test Your Limits

  • o Finish an Iron Butt Ride
  • Run a Marathon
  • Learn to Play Upright Bass
  • o Solo Ride to Ushuaia
  • Get a real Samoan Tattoo (Pe’a)
  • Complete in a Triathalon
  • Learn to Joust
  • Eat Grubs in the Outback

Take a Leap of Faith

  • x Move to the Countryside
  • Open an Organic Food Co-op Farm
  • Start a Renaissance Festival
  • Open a Horror Themed Restaurant

Revisit Your Childhood

  • x Drive a Nascar
  • Go Dogsledding
  • o Build a Tree House
  • Create Crop Circle Art
  • Build a Hedge Maze

Push Through your Inhibitions

  • Have an Art Showing of my Photography
  • Play Upright Bass in a Rockabilly Band
  • Learn to Dance

Break New Ground

  • Build a Custom Motorcycle
  • o Learn to Fly a Plane/Glider
  • o Learn Spanish
  • Learn Japanese

Do Something from the Heart

  • x Take my Mom’s Ashes to Alaska
  • Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
  • Help Out with a World Disaster Relief
  • Help birth an animal
  • Build a school in a 3rd World Country


x = completed

o = in progress



3 thoughts on “NOW List

  1. Andrew Darnel

    Thanks for the inspiration Wolfe!!! I admire your ambition, attitude and gusto. Super awesome. Now I’m also feeling inspired to work on my bucket list…

  2. Sandy Maraldo

    What an amazing list!! …you totally should’ve done the laser eye surgery before this trip!! Imagine…no glasses to fog/ice up!! Reading your blogs are an inspiration to some of us that feel so “stuck” in their job/life…

    • Hi Sandy,
      Thank you for your words. If my travels/stories can inspire a few people to take some chances in life, then that’s what it’s all about. I’d highly recommend reading Phil Keoghan’s No Opportunity Wasted. It’s an easy read, and even covers how to get “unstuck”. I think he gives 10 reasons why people don’t just do it, and helps you discover ways past it. For me, my stickiness was lack of money, lack of time, and a career that didn’t let me achieve the things I wanted…. so I found ways to do things cheaper (camping this trip rather than hotels, cooking my own food), didn’t spend as much on other things (each purchase I made leading up to the trip I asked myself, should I buy x item, or save the money for the trip instead). I also set up a travel fund account that automatically drew money from my accounts just like a utility bill. I didn’t have a choice but to save for the trip. In times of time/career, it took a lot of years, but I eventually set up my business to allow me the winter months off so I could do this sort of thing.

      I also set up a visual goal board (collage of pics) at my desk and in my phone, to remind me daily of what I want to accomplish, and then told a lot of people about those goals so I’d look like a schmuck if I didn’t get there.

      Each person is stuck in different ways. I’d love to hear that in a year you’re less stuck, and read your Blog!

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