The Plan

I’ve always had a passion for traveling and motorcycles.  Almost 10 years ago I saw the documentary “The Long Way Round” with Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor.  This made me realize that I could combine my 2 passions to create some absolutely incredible journeys.

10 years has passed by, and I finally decided that it was now or never.  I would buy an adventure bike, kit it out for long distance off-road travel, and head off into the sunset.

My first plan was to do the classic ride to the tip of South America, Ushuaia.  To do it right I would need at least 4 months.  Reality set in.  There was no way I could up and leave my business and my spouse for 4 months.  We talked it over and came up with a plan that might work.  I could take 2 months away from my business without a problem in the winter off-season.  I could fly Rebecca into a mid-point on the journey so we wouldn’t be apart for so long.  And, I could do the trip in stages.

Year One – Canada to Honduras

Year Two – Honduras to Peru

Year Three – Peru to Ushuaia

So, that’s the plan.  Now, I just need to make it happen.  Do, or Do Not.  There is No Try.

(edit: the plan is ever changing as it develops.  Looks like instead of leaving the bike in Honduras, instead I’ll turn around in Guatemala and ride back home so I have the bike in Canada for the summers.  Instead of more Central America in Year Two, we’re now talking about shipping the bike to Thailand so Rebecca can do a Massage Course and I can look deeper into planning Guided Garden Tours in Thailand)

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