Last minute (post Xmas) shopping

I’ve been working almost every day since my landscape season closed to research and prepare for my upcoming trip to Mexico/Belize/Guatemala.  Xmas was very good to me, and few more things are checked off the “Need to Buy” list.

This past weekend was the Toronto Motorcycle Show.  Rebecca and I went down on the Sunday to try to pick up the last of my hard to find items, and at the same time finally get her some proper riding gear.

GPBikes got her hooked up with some nice Alpinestar Roam Boots and an HJC SY-Max II Modular Helmet, as well as set of Rain Gear.  I can breath a bit of a sigh of relief now knowing that she has some great gear and will be safe.

However, my list wasn’t coming together quite as well.  Now I did get some nice Held Quattrotempi Gloves to replace the ones that have been blistering my fingertips on long ride days.  I also met up with Alex from Milestone Motorsports who is the new distributor for Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs.  I’m looking forward to seeing just how much debris (metal filings) these capture and keep from tearing through the engine and transmission.  But there was nobody there with GPS Ram Mounts, nor Motorcycle Locks, Waterproof Duffel Bags, or Motion Pro tools.  And, I’m still confused as to which Helmet Communication system I’m going to use (now reduced down to either Cardo ScalaRider G9 or the uClear HBC200)

However, while getting all the information on the radios from RadioWorld, I did meet Mike who is about to do a very similar ride to my own, is leaving around the same time as me, and is just as confused about radio systems.  But here’s the cool thing.  He’s riding from here to Brazil with his 2 sons (cool enough), and his 84 year old father.  Yes, 84!  And they’re all taking BMW R1200GS bikes.  You can follow their journey at Two Continents Three Generations.

My shopping list is still going, but I can see the end in sight (and my credit card is sure happy about that!)

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The HUBB of Information

more coming soon

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