s99_01415So, just how much stuff can one add to a bike before it needs to be classified as a Space Shuttle?!

Let’s see…

Garmin Zumo 390LM GPS w/ Tire Pressure Monitors
Garmin 62s Offroad GPS
Spot Gen3 GPS Tracking System
Apple I-Phone
VIO POV Helmet Camera system
Sony HDR-AS15HD Dash Camera (aimed at me)
JVC Adixxion 1080P Video Camera in the Nose of the bike
Cardo Scala G9 Powerset Headset Communications
Plug Up S-Bud Ear Buds
Mini MP3 Player
Powerlet Tank Bag Power System
AA USB-Port Rechargeable Batteries plugged into a USB Hub
Cigarette Lighter Mounted Volt Meter/Clock/Thermometer
Twisted Throttle PowerHub Fuse Block to manage all the power distribution


Garmin Zumo 390LM Road GPS and Garmin 62s Offroad GPS


iPhone Dash mount, Voltage Meter, and Dash Camera


Fuze box to handle all the routing and electrical

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