The Kitchen (Sink)

MSR Whisperlite International Camp Stove
MSR 1L Fuel Bottle (with pump gas)
Purcell Trench Streamside Voyager Stainless Grill
GSI Pinnacle Backpacker Cook Set
GSI Deepdish Plates (x2)
GSI Destination 24 Kitchen Utensil Set
Titanium Sporks (x2)
GSI Pivot Tongs
Silicone Egg Poachers
Dollar Store Can Opener
MSR Spice Tubes (x4, Steak Spice, Dill, Cayenna, Garlic Salt)
Coghlan Egg Holders
Banana Box
GSI Pot Gripper (extra for frypan)
Spare Lighter
Redbird Strike Anywhere Matches in a Coghlan Waterproof Match Case
Tea Lights
Ziplock of Dryer Lint (for fire starting)
Ziplock of Wood Shavings (for fire starting)
Tampons (dipped in fuel make great fire starters!)
Gerber Gator Combo Axe/Saw
Rome Industries Hideaway Campfire Fork

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